Verizon To Pay Penalty For Overcharging Fios Customers In New Jersey

New Jersey Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin and the Division of Consumer Affairs announced a settlement with Verizon New Jersey, Inc. (Verizon) today, resolving an investigation into the company’s marketing and sale of Fios services. Verizon agreed to pay $175,000 to the State, addressing allegations of unlawful business practices, including failing to honor advertised prices, deliver promotional gifts, and provide promised refunds.

The investigation was launched in response to a high volume of consumer complaints regarding Verizon’s business practices. The State alleged that Verizon engaged in various deceptive practices, including:

– Charging consumers more than advertised prices
– Failing to honor timely cancellation requests
– Failing to provide entitled refunds
– Automatically renewing contracts without consent
– Failing to provide advertised promotional gifts
– Failing to clearly disclose limited promotional gift supplies

Verizon denied the allegations, but agreed to the settlement.

Attorney General Platkin emphasized, “Companies must make good on their promises to consumers. We won’t allow deceptive practices to harm New Jersey consumers.”

Acting Director of the Division of Consumer Affairs, Cari Fais, added, “Compliance with New Jersey laws and regulations is essential for businesses. This settlement holds Verizon accountable and requires satisfactory resolution of existing and future consumer complaints.”

The Division reminds consumers to carefully read contracts and disclosures before agreeing to promotional offers.

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  1. How can I get compensated I had Verizon Fios for years me and my husband both prices got ridiculous at one point we had to put it in my husband’s name so we where able to keep services

  2. We have been with Verizon for over 25 years and have bought phones and have had Fios and Verizon Wireless how do we get compensated

  3. My father paid for internet service around $10 per month and received subsidy for NJ for the last 15 years. At some point Verizon sent him a letter stated that they decided to replace the existing copper wire to a fiber optic otherwise the service will be disconnected. They promised to keep the same payments but eventually they made a triple increase. How he can claim the issue?

  4. I also have been done with Verizon for over 25 years and always use this service and still using wireless I just have complained about the price and the hidden feed how can I get my settlement


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