Tuition Relief: Is It Really Only For Lakewood Families?

Avi Schnall is running heavily on a platform of easing the burden of tuition that frum families currently contend with. However, a question has arisen among some prospective voters: Would a tuition relief tax credit only benefit Lakewood families and/or certain schools?

The short answer is: no. The long answer is also: no.

The even longer answer is this: Avi Schnall plans to put forth legislation at the state level  that will result in tuition relief to the families of private school students across New Jersey. Not just Lakewood, or just Ocean County – the entire state.

Such a tax credit program would provide checks directly to families; those payments will not go to a specific school or schools, because the schools will never be given that money and they are not relevant to the program. It’s a universal program to provide relief directly to parents of children attending private schools.

While it is true that residents of Jackson, Toms River, Manchester, and any municipality not in the 30th Legislative District cannot vote for Avi Schnall, the legislation he plans to introduce would still be extremely relevant to them.

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  1. Shameful, endorsing the future destruction of yidishkite for money! Typical Lakewood. We haven’t learned anything.

  2. This legislation is DOA!
    Don’t get me wrong I wish that wouldn’t be the case but that’s the reality.
    Another point, how does he plan on not voting for they’re Toeiva s agenda. No funding in world would justify that!

    • He plans to vote against and made that clear to them and stated as such on much circulated video from the “Shmeeeeeely status.” Just as a reminder, he is doing this with Da’as Torah. Please vote for #AviSchnall

    • In regards to your question about toaiva, the democrats already made an agreement with him that he won’t have to vote for those, and about your claim that it’s doa, you should just know that it’s not the case, as there was a lot of behind the scenes progress and negotiations, making it a real possibility, Eben before Avi was asked to run

    • He to vote for it. If he doesn’t they will shut him out since he isn’t going along with their agenda. I’m amazed that everyone just assumes that once he gets in this will get done. What makes people think that they will go along with him? What incentive is in for the democrats? And if it doesn’t happen, will they just say that we will have to vote for him again because he didn’t get a chance?

    • This legislation is not dead, its actually in a very good place already bh. There are some really good people that have been working on this for a long time.

      And regarding what Avi will do when it comes to vote on things that are against our religious values, he is not obligated to his party, he is obligated to his constituents and the party leaders know that bright and clear, and they know that in order for them to keep this seat they cannot force him to vote with them on certain laws that are against the values of his constituents.

  3. Every tax credit program like the one he is claiming to want, did not give money to parents. It allowed a trust to give tuition grants. You technically cannot choose the recipient. Like LSTA, the connected schools will get the most money.

    • Wrong.

      The way this program will iyh work, is that for instance you owe $10,000.00 (for arguments sake) in state taxes, you will be able to give a portion of that to your Childs school instead of to the state. It will also be per child not per family.

      There are similar programs in NJ, for example the entertainment industry where big corporations can give a portion of their state taxes to the NJ Entertainment industry.

      To be clear, this is not a dream! A lot of work has been put into this over the last 2 years behind the scenes and all we need to do right now is get Avi voted in to be able to bring this bill to its next phase.


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