TRAGEDY: Petirah Of R’ Shuey Rhine Z”L Following Chol Hamoed Aneurysm

Lakewood Alerts regrets to inform you of the petirah R’ Yehoshua Bentzion (Shuey) Rhine Z”L.

R’ Shuey, a mispallel at Khal Ateres Yeshaya (Rav Simcha Bunim Cohen shlit”a) and originally from Flatbush, was on a Chol Hamoed outing at the Palisades Mall on Pesach when he suffered a sudden aneurysm. Rockland Hatzolah managed to revive him, and he subsequently underwent emergency surgery, but remained in critical condition ever since.

He is survived by his wife, Chavy yb”l, and three children, all of whom are not yet married.

The levaya is scheduled to take place today at Khal Ateres Yeshaya at 5:15 PM.

Besuros Tovos.

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