TRAGEDY: Petirah of Mrs. Dina Brus, Husband Was Niftar Just Weeks Ago

We regret to inform you of the petirah of Mrs. Dina Brus a”h following an illness. She was just 49.

Mrs. Brus’ husband, R’ Yeshaya z”l – the son of Bais HaTalmud rosh yeshiva R’ Moshe Mendel Brus shlit”a – was suddenly niftar just five weeks ago, leaving his wife and children without their husband and father.

Now, Mrs. Brus has followed her husband to the olam ha’emes, leaving seven children without their parents.

The levaya will take place at Yeshiva Bais HaTalmud in Brooklyn at 10 AM, followed by a second levaya and kevurah in Lakewood at 1:00PM.

A fund that was originally set up for the family after R’ Yeshaya’s petirah can be donated to by clicking here

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