Top Democrats Push Back Against Gov. Murphy’s Woke Propaganda Being Taught To Students

The two top Democrats in the New Jersey Legislature are pushing back against woke reforms backed by Governor Murphy that he says will enhance “equality” and “equity” in public schools.

Republicans have been engaged in a vicious fight against the reforms, which introduce far-left ideals into New Jersey classrooms, but their efforts have been met by a brick wall in the deep-blue Garden State, where they hold little actual power against Democrats’ wishes.

But now, Senate President Nick Scutari and Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin, both Democrats, might get something done on the issue – and they’re apparently taking the Republican side on the issue.

“It is unfortunate that the State Board of Education doesn’t coordinate with policymakers before they take actions that may affect school districts throughout our state. We expected better communication with them,” Scutari and Coughlin said in a joint statement.

“We believe that families should have a voice in what is taught to their children, and as long as we have a say over the matter, they will continue to,” the lawmakers said. “And as always, all children deserve subject matter that is age appropriate, posted clearly and transparently for families to review, and free from politics.”

While Republicans did not until now have a chance to make any changes to the new policies, with the involvement of top Democrats Scutari and Coughlin on the divisive issue, it will be interesting to see whether Murphy will backtrack on his efforts to introduce blatantly age-inappropriate subjects and topics to young children.

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