TOMS RIVER MESS: Anti-Semitic Posts From Geri Ambrosio’s Club Come To Light

Toms River Mayor Mo Hill has come under fire for a recent campaign mailer that some have deemed antisemitic.

The mailer, which arrived at Toms River homes this week, included references to “people of different cultures fleeing the cities buying up our real estate,” among other things that some are using as evidence that Orthodox Jews in the township should vote for a different candidate in the June 6 Republican primary for mayor.

Specifically, some have been pushing for Orthodox Jews to throw their support behind Geri Ambrosio, the leaders of Toms River GOP, who they say would better represent the interests of frum residents in Toms River.

Unfortunately, Ambrosio’s history doesn’t seem to align with Orthodox Jewish interests, either.

Multiple Facebook posts on the Toms River GOP’s page point to Ambrosio being a candidate that is, at best, indifferent to antisemitism in Toms River. Ambrosio leads the Toms River GOP and personally posts on its Facebook page, sources tell Lakewood Alerts, meaning there is no way she was not aware of these posts, and in fact, likely posted them herself.

Taking a look at posts made on the Facebook page from just the period of April through May of 2021 would give many Orthodox Jewish residents reasons for pause. In an incredible twist of irony, one post even accuses Mo Hill of being a “sellout,” presumably to Jewish interests.

See below for the screenshots.

With these in mind, who should Orthodox Jewish residents of Toms River cast a ballot for in the mayoral primary? Nobody seems to know. What is abundantly clear, however, is that the mess in Toms River is only getting worse.


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  1. This article is full of lies. Nothing in here makes sense and none of it has any concrete proof that GERI AMBROSIO hates Jews. Absolute lies get to meet her, she’s really sweet and believes in family values.


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