Toms River Couple Hounded Over Fake Zillow Listing

A couple in Toms River went through a real estate nightmare over a Zillow posting for their home – which they never posted or agreed to.

With the real estate market in Ocean County continuing to sizzle, an apparent scammer is attempting to get some dough from this couple, though his exact motives remain unknown. What is known is that the couple’s home was listed “for sale by owner” on Zillow, and even claimed that there was a date for an “open house,” prompting hordes of people to attempt to contact them for showings.

The couple says they are being contacted at all hours of day and night after someone posted their phone number, with callers – including multiple real estate agents – requesting showings of their home.

The nightmare first began on June 23rd, when the couple came home from work to find several voicemails waiting for them, all of them asking for house showings. Someone even mailed them a ready-to-sign contract for their home, in an apparent attempt to quickly get the house off the market.

They’ve since received dozens and dozens of calls for their home – which isn’t for sale.

The couple contacted Zillow which removed the listing, only for the listing to pop up again just days later. Finally, after much pleading with Zillow, the listing was removed again, with the company saying that they have put safeguards to prevent their home from being fraudulently listed yet again.

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