Thousands Attend Skulen Lag Baomer Hadlakah [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]

An estimated 7,000 people were on hand at the Skulen Rebbe of Lakewood’s hadlaka on Monday night – by far the largest Lag BaOmer gathering in Lakewood.

The rebbe, Rav Tzvi Noach Portugal shlit”a, has been a widely admired and respected figure for over a decade, and officially became the Skulen Rebbe of Lakewood in 2019 following the passing of his father, Rabbi Yisroel Avrohom Portugal zt”l.

Since then, the Skulen Rebbe of Lakewood has become one of the most sought after manhigim in the region, as attested by the massive crowd – both chasidish and litvish – that came to his Lag BaOmer celebration.

Footage via M.E. & S.E.

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