This Is Why Holocaust Denial Exists | Rav Avigdor Miller Zt”l

Q: To what does the Rav attribute the recent spread of revisionist history where many try to deny the Holocaust or at least deny how many Jews were actually killed?

A: You have to know that a great error is being committed all the time by the Holocaust people. They leave out one element, that’s the most important of everything and that is, Hashem.

Hashem made the Holocaust, not the Germans. And don’t deceive yourself.

Of course, the Germans are reshaim gemurim and they deserve to be destroyed in the many millions. And there should be fulfilled that possuk לעשות נקמה בגויים תוכחות בלאומים. There should be a nekama on them, absolutely. And yet, the emphasis should be, ‘Hakodosh Boruch Hu did that to us.’

And therefore by constantly talking about what the goyim did, and never once mentioning that Hashem had anything to do with it, a fundamental error is being committed. And so now Hashem is going to show you: “You think that you’re going to arouse the rachamim of the goyim to have more pity. I’m going to show you it will have the opposite effect.”

Goyim are going to learn from this, ways and means what they would like to do to the Jews themselves. Yes, they look at all these things and although they might say some words of sympathy but in their minds, they are thinking ‘We’d like to do that ourselves someday’. Because you left out the ikar; the most important part of the whole Holocaust business was only made for the purpose that we should cry out to Hashem. That’s all it was made for. If that’s omitted, then the whole thing will backfire.

TAPE # 962 (July 1994)

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