The Photos You Haven’t Seen From The Agudah Convention

The 2022 Agudah Convention kicked off last night with the participation of numerous leaders, luminaries, and askanim in attendance.

One of the gedolim in attendance was Rav Yeruchem Olshin shlit”a, one of the BMG roshei yeshiva. Unfortunately, due to open, unrequited hatred on the part of The Lakewood Scoop towards anything BMG, photos of the rosh yeshiva won’t be published by them.

So, if you’ve seen photos from the Agudah Convention but are wondering where Rav Yeruchem is, we’ve got you covered. And we don’t crop him out of pictures, either.

And here are the rest of the photos released from Thursday night’s program.

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  1. I never believed that a frum site would post blatant lashon harah about another frum site. This is not a site I will be visiting anymore.

      • The Chofetz Chaim writes (2:10): “If the speaker knows the nature of the listener, that once he hears something he accepts it as true and he might also add disparaging words to the conversation, to such a listener it is forbidden to speak even a hint of derogatory information under any circumstances (even if it’s public knowledge).”

        So, not only are you over on the issur of Lashon Harah, Motzi Sheim Ra, and Rechilus, you are over on Lifnei Iver Lo Sitein Michshol.

        Maybe you can just delete those words about the TLS, and save yourself from continuing these terrible aveiros…

        Thank you.

  2. In agreement with YK and Rabbi E. The open, unrequited hatred this site is spewing toward others is nothing but showing the crumbling foundation on which this site is built.

  3. Rememebr when TLS had all that amazing coverage of the biggest event Lakewood had in 60 years, the Adirei HaTorah massive event with tens of thousands in participation? Remember that coverage?

    Oh right. That wasn’t TLS. After taking tens of thousands in advertising dollars, they refused to publish even one photo or video because of their vike hatred towards the Roshei Yeshiva and BMG.

    Kavod Hatorah demands this public Macha.

    Kudos and do not stop until these evil Reshoyim abd blatant azei ponim ask Mechila publicly and change their wicked ways.

    • I was thinking about this. That was such a smack to every single gadol and rosh yeshiva in america as every single one of them attended. I stopped looking at TLS after that chutzpah

  4. Clearly all the TLS lackys who run around town chasing fire trucks are the creed sticking up for TLS here. Bunchn of losers with IQs the size of a pea.

    Great job with this story.

    • After the Lakewood scoop took a small fortune for adds of aderei hatorah but didn’t post any pics videos or news of it I stopped looking at the site
      I think it’s time for Lakewood alerts to up the game

  5. And now back to Rav Yeruchem Olshin shlit”a, and his truly amazing speech. The Rosh Hayeshiva spoke so well as he always does. The oilam really loved his speech.. What a Kiddush Sheim Shomayim! And thank you Lakewood Alerts for posting pictures.


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