Surveillance Footage Captures Teens Attempting to Break Into Shul’s Tzedakah Boxes

Surveillance footage caught a group of kids, apparently from Lakewood, attempting to break into a Lev Avos’ tzedaka boxes late last night.

If you recognize these miscreants, please call the Lakewood Police Department at 732-363-0200. The case number is 22-089579.

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  1. Someone said that maybe these teens are maybe from ‘Unzereh”. Again I repeat it is a “maybe”.
    Food for Thought:
    Advice for parents: If you can afford it, maybe to hire a tutor for your child if you see that he or she is falling behind in class.
    Also nowadays we have to be extra careful exactly which words we use and tone of voice when speaking to a child. People today get offended very quickly and even for a minor issue. It is very very important to make sure that your child is doing well in school. Also you want to make sure that the Rebbe of your child or the teacher, I guess you need to do your proper research, You need to look for a teacher that will not just throw at a student tough words or sharp words in front of the other students. You need a teacher that will be super sensitive to the feelings of your child.
    With Hashem’s help your child will succeed and also be a happy child.


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