State Police Swarm Lakewood Following A Week Of Multiple Serious Accidents

State Police were spotted pulling over vehicles in multiple sections of Lakewood on Sunday morning, following a week that saw multiple serious accidents in the area – including one in Jackson that killed two people, including 4-year-old Shmuel Brog z”l.

State police cruisers have been reported to Lakewood Alerts at or near Chemed, Gourmet Glatt North, Route 9 and Honey Locust, Kennedy, Route 88, and other locations.

State police cruisers periodically descend on Lakewood streets and begin ticketing drivers for even minor infractions. This has led to some residents questioning their presence, as well as accusations of “targeting” Lakewood.

When asked directly by Lakewood Alerts, the NJSP said that Lakewood is not specifically targeted, and that their patrols are conducted based on where the data shows them to be needed.

With the amount of reckless driving seen day in and out in Lakewood, its high number of accidents, and its mindboggling count of pedestrians struck, who wouldn’t want additional police forces protecting our streets?

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    • Absolutely I agree 1000%. Lakewood police only ticket and pull over certain people. I am born and raised in Lakewood. But this has been the worse Lakewood has ever been. The only calm days are Friday nights and Saturday during the day. But as soon as sunfall hits everything turns chaotic. But it seems the only time anything gets done is when State Police come out here. I’m not one bit racist at all I love everyone and respect everyone but let’s be honest here and just look at where the problems come from.

      • I see all types of ppl driving recklessly. And on Saturday as well. Many accidents happen there. So yes. You are “racist”.

      • It’s facts your not racist I seen a lady yesterday driving with a baby in her hands no more than 9 months old or so in her hands while she was driving let’s be real that’s not racist it’s facts That’s why kids are getting killed at a higher rate lately in accidents in Lakewood it’s ridiculous

    • Lets be honest here. It does not make you a racisist just because your stating a fact. The fact is that lakewood police do nothing to bring order to this town so much so that the state police have to step in to regulate the problem. People are dying, horrific car accidents on a daily basis due to the carelessness of the drivers in this town. The drivers in this town are so reckless. Running red lights, kids not restrained, veering into on coming traffic, cutting other drivers off, speeding and usually on the phone all the while our police dept being in the vicinity, most likely witnessing it and still do nothing. I’m glad the state is stepping in to control the mayham. It’s desperately needed and long over due. Lakewood PD needs to realize People like this do not respect the law and we as citizens demand order. We all want to go home at the end of the day
      but in this town… you just never know.

  1. The accident was in Jackson, not Lakewood. Would love to see the “data” they’re using. Probably the same data used to demand we wear masks.

    • I welcome the additional police presence…the drivers in this town have no regard for the basic rules of the seems like everytime you turn around another serious accident and sirens blaring. Thank you for the NJSP for stepping in…we really need the help.

  2. Just have to read the stories every day coming out of Lakewood to see where they got their data from. I drive through Lakewood 5 days a week and the things I see is mind boggling.

  3. This is a long time coming. People on Lakewood do not follow any traffic rules, there is no courtesy of the road and they use their vehicles like bumper cars. I don’t believe they know anything other than go. No signaling, stopping, turning when they have no right to turn. It’s a horror show. Sorry if this offends but it goes out to all that it applies to, including the senior community and the young punk drivers too, and of course, the main residents of Lakewood. If the shoe fits, you must wear it.

    • Who is “they”?
      Just curious…
      As far as I see it – it’s every “type” of person living here.
      Not just the “theys” that you’re referring to.

  4. Having lived in Lkwd 30 plus years, I’m amazed by the amount of careless, reckless & dangerous drivers throughout the area. I’m jewish & can state unequivocally that majority of these drivers are jews as well. Countless times I’ve seen children climbing & walking around inside a moving vehicle. Drivers 3 car lengths back, swing into the opposite lane of traffic in order to make a left turn. Speeding up to corners, blowing through stop signs. Any & every possible driving infraction. Not to mention the danger these people behind the wheel pose to innocent, law abiding, fellow drivers. If people would be responsible, than there would be no need to be ticketing. I say ticket more drivers. The only way people learn is when you hit them in the wallet.

  5. This is unfortunately a very serious problem that has been going on for quite a number of years. I lived in Lakewood for 26years and left 3 years ago, with this problem a big part of it. I learned in the Yeshiva for 16 years. While there is certainly a bias by some of the non-community members, the facts are not wrong. I myself have pulled small children out of the street while cars were speeding down side streets. I nearly got run over last week on a tiny side street while visiting for a simcha by a guy driving 40mph. The aggressive driving I believe is a remnant of Brooklyn driving (I’m originally from the heart of Flatbush) and from the stress of overcrowding and traffic. All the years I lived there I wished the community leaders would put a serious stress on safety in driving and similar areas, but I never saw it happen. Unfortunately and predictably, an increase in accidents is the outcome. Hopefully sooner rather than later community leaders will recognize this serious problem and encourage the community to take this very seriously and save lives.

  6. Research shows that overcrowding causes stress and leads to aggressive behavior.
    With traffic the way it is, it may be a natural reaction to drive more aggressively.
    That said, drivers need to strengthen themselves to overcome this inclination and act safely.
    May G-d protect us all.


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