Special Event to Ease US Passport Difficulties in Israel | Chaim V’Chessed

In recent months, it has been notoriously difficult to obtain appointments for passports and Consular Reports of Birth Abroad (CRBA) for US citizens in Israel.

We are pleased to announce that now, the US Embassy in Jerusalem and the Tel Aviv Branch Office will host a special passport application acceptance event on Thursday, May 4, from 3 pm until 8 pm.

Appointments will be released TODAY, Tuesday, April 25, between 3 and 4 PM at this linkThese appointments are only for those who require an in-person interview. Generally, these are families seeking to renew a minor’s passport, US citizens obtaining their first 10-year adult passport after turning 16, or those who are renewing an adult passport that was issued more than 15 years ago.

At this event, the US Embassy will not be offering first-time passports for people who are not already documented as US citizens or Consular Reports of Birth Abroad. They will also not be offering emergency passports to applicants with these appointments. However, the Embassy continues to release emergency appointments for citizens with emergency travel during their regular hours.

Chaim V’Chessed thanks the Embassy for initiating this special event, which comes on the heels of the wildly successful Passport Event for newborns which was held at Chaim V’Chessed offices in February. It is hoped that the Embassy will continue to hold special passport events to address the great backlog of passport seekers. Future events will be announced on www.chaimvchessed.com.

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