SICKENING: Lakewood UPS Worker Attacks Jews for Random Brush Fire

A UPS Package Dispatch Supervisor who works in Lakewood attacked the entire Jewish faith following a report of a brush fire.

In a Facebook post made several days ago, Ocean County Scanner News reported that a large brush fire was burning in the area of Route 70 and the Garden State Parkway. No cause was given for the brush fire, but presumably the scorching heat was to blame.

Except, not everyone saw it that way. Among a number of other comments made on the post was one from Stephanie Torode. She wrote: “Jews at it again.”

Another Facebook user replied to her, “the WHOLE Jewish faith?”

She responded, “yea probably lol.”

Who is Stephanie Torode? Her Facebook profile page says she grew up in Brick and currently lives in Toms River. But more importantly, she currently works in Lakewood as a Package Dispatch Supervisor for UPS.

Thousands of Jewish people in Lakewood use UPS’ services each day. Is Stephanie Torode a person who should be trusted with their packages?

UPS has not yet responded for comment.

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  1. Ocean County Scanner is one big cesspool of antisemitism.

    Please do not even promote the page or give them recognition in this post. Horrible!

    • Stephanie Torode , is a disgusting person. Nothing really great about her. She sleeps with married men she works with that are underneath her roll as supervisor. Towns racist and floozy. The girl is utter trash. Not even really liked by her coworkers as she makes bead bracelets. While working! Like a 5 year old little girl. She needs to work on actually work. Duties besides being a child, racist and a floozy.

      • She was #1 dispatcher in the country for UPS. Lol she was deff well liked, and did her job very well… she wouldn’t be a racist if she made a comment on their religion. LOL clearly ur an idiot and your hateful words have no leg to stand on😂


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