SICK: Jackson Strong Comments On Israel-Hamas War With Antisemitic Post

Jackson Strong, the group of residents who have made it their business to stifle Orthodox Jewish growth as much as they can in Jackson Township, took a crushing hit last night when the town’s Council unanimously approved a resolution to settle a seven-year lawsuit from Agudath Israel alleging discrimination.

Now, Jackson Strong is weighing in on the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, which began on October 7th after Hamas terrorists invaded southern Israel and slaughtered some 1,400 people, most of them civilians.

On its website, Jackson Strong made their hatred for Jews rather obvious. They spliced together photos of an Israeli flag and a Palestinian flag, writing above it, “Praying for all the Innocent.” But curiously, the Israeli flag is almost fully obscured by a message spewing hatred against their Jewish neighbors.

“Shomrim fake police have no business in Jackson,” it says, followed by “Synagogues do not belong in residential neighborhoods,” and “They will have POP UP parades that shut down your streets making you prisoners in your own homes.”

So, in a post ostensibly about solidarity with the innocent victims of the ongoing war in the Middle East, Jackson Strong felt it was appropriate to openly bash Jews – covering over the Israeli flag in the process and leaving the Palestinian one the most prominent?

For a group that insists it’s not antisemitic, it is one heck of an antisemitic post.

Perhaps even more troubling, Jackson Strong’s leader is one Elenor Hannum. She teaches at a public school in East Brunswick, where many students are Jewish. It is disturbing that a woman who sanctions such openly hostility on her own group’s website sits in a position of authority over Jewish students.

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  1. This is a complete fabrication. The two pictures are next to each other on the website, it’s not covering anything. Why are you making things up? It doesn’t help out the cause, it just makes people hate us more.

  2. Dignity is one thing they do not posses. To side with rapists,kidnappers and torturers of innocent is a demonstration of their ignorance. If they bother to read Hamas charter they’ll discover that they are targets as well for they are infidels. But their hatred of the sacred blinds their eyes and the only thing that they are left with is to attack those who they don’t know because we represent the children of the King. Their fight is not with us but with their sins.

    • Those who hate allways kill No mercy to to people who rase their generations with hate and misery. If their dream to kill Jews, they cannot be victims, they are Criminals!!! Starting with their homes up to their gowerment. We should not be tolerant to such behavior, other wise another “fasisim & genocide”is erroung the corner. Let’s all world wake up and recognise ” The Evil! ” under freedom speaches.

  3. I heard Gazan refugees received emergency visas to the US and they’re looking forward to coming to Jackson to be with their compadres. Let’s see what happens then !

  4. I’m sorry but this is all a lie! First of all, Ms. Hannum had nothing to do with it. But how disgusting are you all to scream antisemitism when innocent jew are dying from REAL ANTISEMITISM!!! You are disgusting and I hope you get sued for defamation. You even make other jews sick. Pathetic people. you all are. Why don’t you go and fight instead of sitting on your computer. You are. disgrace.


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