Shomrim Units Step Up for Lakewood Families Over Shabbos

Lakewood Shomrim’s selfless shabbos units resolved two major incidents this shabbos that required their skill and professionalism.

Just before 7 pm Shabbos afternoon, a member of Shomrim’s Shabbos detail was flagged down by frantic patents who were unable to locate their 2-year-old child.

The Shabbos team immediately sprang into action, activating its search and rescue team and deploying them to the scene.

The search and rescue unit was not ultimately needed, as a sharp-minded Shabbos member noticed a porta-potty nearby and took a look inside, finding the child unharmed and in good condition.

In a second incident, Shomrim Shabbos were requested by a partner agency (Central Jersey Chaveirim) to a Lakewood home today whose pipes had burst, causing severe flooding.

Shomrim’s Shabbos units worked for hours to push the water out of the home and set up equipment to assist in the evaporation of the remaining water.

Following several hours of grueling work, the home was back to its normal, dry self.

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  1. This site and it’s parent site YWN are one of the only so-called ultra orthodox sites of America that allow (TOURO) ads with pictures of girls all dressed up posing and looking into the camera to catch everyone’s attention.
    “people told Lakewood alerts…” my foot. This is run by a bunch of bored bums that don’t give a hoot about their Neshamos.


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