SHOCKING: Large Lakewood Family Kicked Out Of Catskills Hotel On Shabbos

A hotel in Hunter, NY, is coming under allegations of anti-Semitism after it tossed out nearly 40 members of a single Orthodox Jewish family on Shabbos over a noise complaint that may have never even occurred.

According to people familiar with the matter, the family – which consisted of several generations, including grandparents and young children – booked a weekend stay with Hunter Lodge, a Bluebird by Lark property. Prior to confirming the booking, the family outlined to hotel staff how many people they were, how many children there were, and what could be expected from them as guests.

The stay ran into almost immediate problems, as angry hotel staff told the family on Friday night that they had received a noise complaint about the family from a hotel patron. The family apologized and told the staff that they are doing their best to keep all of the children quiet, but – as explained during their pre-booking conversation with the hotel – doing so is no easy feat.

On Shabbos morning, hotel staff handed the family another warning, claiming that they had received a complaint about unsupervised children playing in a common area. The family disputed the claim, but again apologized and committed to doubling their efforts to keep the children contained.

Family members have stated that they don’t believe any noise complaint was made by a patron, as they had not received a single complaint from anyone in the hotel other than staff members.

Just hours later, hotel staff told the family that they were kicking them all out – men, women, and children. The family explained that it was Shabbos so they couldn’t simply leave, and attempted to negotiate with the staff – including offering to stay locked in their hotel rooms for the rest of the day – but the hotel refused to hear it.

A short while later, a large contingent of local, County, and even State police officers showed up at the hotel and threatened the entire family with arrest – including children and babies – if they did not vacate the premises immediately.

The family told the officers that doing so was impossible as it would entail chilul shabbos. The officers responded by offering to drive the family elsewhere in their squad vehicles.

However, two young children were terrified of the police cars and refused to get in. The police then called a city bus to transport the family of three dozen plus. Women with young children and babies were ordered to board it, while those without children then trekked approximately a mile to a Jewish-owned home.

Once at the Jewish home, the large family was provided food and lodging, and a place to rest their weary and frustrated bones until Shabbos concluded.

The family who hosted the stranded yidden spoke to YWN, but requested that they not be thanked.

“We are frum yidden and we did what every other frum family would have done in such a situation. We don’t need a pat on the back,” a family member said.

Once Shabbos departed, the family returned to the hotel and retrieved their belongings, with police on hand to ensure the process went smoothly.

This is at least the second time this specific hotel threw out an Orthodox Jewish patron from its premises on Shabbos.

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  1. Thinking the same thing. Were they all booked? And there are private homes you can rent… At least here are Kiddush Hashem stories of houses that were specifically rented out to a group of 20-year-old bochurim, as they knew they would not make much noise, and would not leave a mess.

  2. I’m sure the give big discounts. Image telling savings for paying only half a Shabbos. The other half will be covered by the local police force and spent in the town jail.

  3. I’m sure they gave big discounts. Image the savings for paying only half a Shabbos. The other half will be covered by the local police force and spent in the town jail.


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