SHAMEFUL: Jackson School District Silent After Teacher Goes On Antisemitic Rant [VIDEO]

The Jackson School District has no comment to make after one of its teachers went on an antisemitic rant during Tuesday evening’s Council meeting.

Thomas Bradley, a teacher at Jackson Liberty High School, was one of numerous residents who got up to speak as the Council considered two ordinances to ease the establishment of schools, dorms, shuls, and mikvaos in the township. Many of the residents made blatantly antisemitic remarks, with Bradley’s being one of the most egregious.

Notably, Thomas Bradley is the husband of Lynne Bradley, chairwoman of the Jackson Zoning Board.

“I’ve watched the changes in Jackson and change is part of what goes on. But with this ordinance, we’re opening the door for future exploitation of the resources of the town of Jackson,” Bradley said. “You’re opening the door for the cultural genocide that has taken place in Lakewood to come here to Jackson. We have to take a serious look at what these ordinances would do to the town.”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize that accusing a religious group of “cultural genocide” is hate speech, but the Jackson School District appears to be having a hard time with it.

Asked for their reaction to Bradley’s antisemitism, multiple school district officials – Giuseppe Palmeri, Tina Kas, Allison Barocas, Megan Gardella, Brian McCarron, and Erica Osmond – were all silent, with nary a word to say about Bradley’s overtly antisemitic comments.

You can watch a compilation of many of the contentious – and often blatantly antisemitic – comments made by Jackson residents at the meeting below.

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