Sen. Singer Urges Prosecutors To Drop Their Vendetta Against Rabbi Eisemann

Sen. Bob Singer is calling for a thorough review by the state attorney general’s office into the case of Rabbi Osher Eisemann, the New Jersey Globe reports Singer questions whether it is in the best interest of the public to continue opposing the dismissal of the 2016 indictment against Eisemann.

In an interview with the New Jersey Globe, Singer expressed his bewilderment, saying, “Why there is a vendetta against this good man is mind-boggling. I’m baffled why the attorney general’s office is continuing this while there are so many heinous crimes going on.”

Rabbi Eisemann’s attorney, Lee Vartan, filed a motion last Wednesday alleging misconduct by Deputy Attorney General John Nicodemo. Vartan claims that Nicodemo deliberately withheld crucial evidence and committed Brady violations, which require prosecutors to disclose vital information to the defense.

These allegations resulted in Superior Court Judge Joseph Paone overturning Eisemann’s conviction in 2022. Despite the attorney general’s office appealing the decision to both the appellate and Supreme Court, they were unsuccessful on both occasions.

Senator Singer emphasized the urgency of the situation, saying, “This is a tragedy. Rabbi Eisemann is a good man who has dedicated his life to helping special needs children. I would hope the attorney general takes a look at the entire case.”

Singer also pointed to a precedent in the handling of cases, citing the Justice Department’s decision to drop charges against U.S. Senator Bob Menendez in 2017 when federal prosecutors failed to secure a conviction. He questioned the financial toll on Rabbi Eisemann, saying, “This has cost this man millions that people had to raise. Does the state have unlimited, endless money? I just don’t understand.”

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