Schnall, Singer, And Kean Jointly Slam JCP&L, Demand Immediate Hearings Into The Company’s Failures

In response to countless complaints from constituents who have experienced significant hardships due to JCP&L’s inefficiency and unresponsiveness, Senator Bob Singer, Assemblyman Sean Kean, and Assemblyman Avi Schnall, all of the 30th District, are demanding immediate legislative hearings to address Jersey Central Power & Light’s (JCP&L) repeated and ongoing failures.

“The lack of accountability from JCP&L is unacceptable,” said Senator Singer. “Our communities are suffering from persistent power issues that disrupt daily life and economic stability. It is high time we hold JCP&L accountable and demand immediate action to resolve these ongoing problems.”

Constituents in the 30th District have reported excessively long wait times for street light repairs, insufficient electricity output causing delays for residential, commercial, and educational connections, and a repair system characterized by outlandish response times and frequent cancellations.
These issues have led to severe consequences, including homeowners losing their mortgages due to lack of power, businesses forced to delay their openings or close down, and schools being unable to operate, leaving students in limbo.

“Enough is enough,” said Assemblyman Schnall. “Our constituents deserve better. It’s time for the State to step in and hold JCP&L accountable for their continued disregard for the needs of our district. We demand immediate legislative hearings to investigate these failures and ensure our community receives the reliable service it deserves.”

The legislators emphasize that JCP&L’s continued failures are not merely inconveniences but severe disruptions affecting the livelihood and well-being of their constituents.

“JCP&L needs to address these issues especially in Lakewood,” said Assemblyman Kean. “The company’s failure to provide adequate service is impacting homeowners and businesses. Despite our repeated attempts to have JCP&L rectify these issues, we need answers and action from JCP&L.”

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