Satmar Rebbe Makes Brief Visit to Lakewood Shul and Mosdos

The Satmar community in Lakewood on Sunday was honored with a visit from their rebbe, Rav Aharon Teitelbaum shlit”a.

The rebbe davened shacharis at the Satmar bais medrash on Cross Street and laid tefillin on the grandson of philanthropist Yisroel Goldberger. He also visited several Satmar mosdos, with hundreds of boys being mekabel panim the revered rebbe.

Following davening, children from the Talmud torah filed past the rebbe to give him shalom, and some rebbeim held private meetings with Rav Aharon following the public kabalas panim.

The rebbe also attended a banquet to benefit Satmar mosdos in Lakewood at the home of Yisroel Bleier, where askan Menashe Frankel was honored for his work on behalf of mosdos.

The rebbe was also visited by Lakewood askanim, including Committeemen Albert Akerman, Meir Lichtenstein, and Menashe Miller.

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  1. One of the Satmar Rebbes made a fundraising trip to Lakewood at the home of Yisroel Bleier and also laid tefillin on the grandson of philanthropist Yisroel Goldberger. Everything else was icing on the cake.


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