Royal Auction House Of Toms River Auctioning World’s Smallest Gemara

Ever wanted to own the smallest gemara in the world? Now’s your chance, as bidding is live on a gemara that is just 9 centimeters, or 3.5 inches, in size. Notably, it only contains the text of the gemara itself; it does not include Rashi or Tosfos.

The gemara was printed in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1722, and some have connected the it to the reign of King Frederick William I of Prussia, though that hasn’t been confirmed. Royal Auction House expects the volume to sell for between $4,000 and $6,000.

“A complete copy in a condition such as this is of utmost rarity. Out of all mesechtos, only tractate Sukkah was published in this miniature format,” Royal Auction House stated. “The reason for the printing of this specific tractate is unknown, however we can surmise that learning and memorizing tractate Sukkah in such a way was highly common in Eastern Europe.”

Bids on the gemara can be placed by clicking here. The gemara will be sold on September 4th.

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