Republicans Warn Of Financial Suffering If New Jersey Approves 41 Proposed Tax And Fee Increases

Senator Carmen Amato, Assemblyman Brian Rumpf and Assemblyman Greg Myhre are calling on their legislative colleagues to withdraw support for the 41 taxes and fee increases that supporters hope will generate more than $2.7 billion in additional tax revenue for increases in state spending.

The 9th District Delegation issued the following statement:

“Unquestionably, the imposition of more than 40 tax and fee increases will have serious repercussions, most especially for taxpayers and businesses who have already reached their financial limits with soaring costs. They don’t want and can’t afford for their state government to double down on failed policies of tax and spend.

“We are warning constituents and letting them know that our delegation continues to fight against these fee and tax increases well in advance of the finalized state budget bill being prepared.

“Proposed tax and fee increases include a corporate transit fee that would lead to businesses paying $1 billion more in taxes, the costs of which will surely be passed down to consumers. Payroll taxes are set to increase by more than $800 million while an increase on HMO assessment would generate a whopping $83 million in tax revenues for Trenton’s already extreme spending policies.

“Commuters are set to pay more than $67 million more for toll hikes and $84 million in gas taxes. Our constituents are incensed by Trenton’s over-reliance on toll and gas tax increases which blatantly targets commuters in our area of the state where state public transportation has little to no presence.

“Gun owners are targeted for nearly $4 million in new firearm fees. Like many of our constituents who support the Second Amendment, we find it unconscionable that Trenton would use a citizen’s basic constitutional right as means to generate excess tax revenue.

“There’s no mistaking that supporters of the tax and fee increase see it only one way: How much tax revenue is generated for government spending while conveniently ignoring the very real financial hardships for those who actually have to pay.

“Our Delegation is committed to serving the interests of our constituents needing tax relief, not more taxes, fees and politicized spending. So much for making New Jersey more ‘affordable,’ as some Trenton officials claim to support but yet, at the same time, are more than willing to reach further into taxpayers’ wallets”.

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