Rep. Chris Smith, House Republicans Declare Bold “Commitment to America”

Rep. Chris Smith has joined his House Republican colleagues in introducing a new “Commitment to America” focused on the four pillars of building a strong economy, creating a safer nation, ensuring a future built on freedom, and holding the US government accountable.

“We are united in this bold commitment to the American people and will continue to work tirelessly to combat the disastrous policies pushed by President Biden that have caused decades-high inflation and have tragically made our streets and our nation less safe,” said Smith.

“This new vision will help get our country back on track and ensure that the federal government works for the American people,” Smith said.

Through legislative policies proposed by House Republicans, the Commitment to America strives to:

  • Fight inflation and lower the cost of living;
  • Make America energy independent and reduce gas prices;
  • Strengthen the supply chain and end dependence on China;
  • Secure the border and combat illegal immigration;
  • Reduce crime and protect public safety;
  • Defend America’s national security;
  • Make sure every student can succeed and give parents a voice;
  • Achieve longer, healthier lives for Americans;
  • Confront Big Tech and demand fairness;
  • Preserve our constitutional freedoms;
  • Hold Washington accountable and restore the People’s voice; and
  • Uphold free speech, protect the lives of unborn children and their mothers, guarantee religious freedom, and safeguard the Second Amendment.

“Now almost two years into President Biden’s term, Americans continue to suffer from crushing inflation enabled by massive new spending,” said Smith.

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