Rep. Chris Smith Blasts Biden As Illegal Immigrants Are Dropped Off In New Jersey

Rep. Chris Smith issued the following statement in response to recent reports that migrants from the US southern border are now being dropped off at New Jersey train stations:

“President Biden’s illegal open-border policies and failure to secure our southern border continue to seriously jeopardize our national security and the safety of American citizens as hundreds of migrants are now being bused to New Jersey and left at train stations throughout our state.

While New York grapples with a humanitarian disaster fueled by its failed sanctuary city policies, this crisis continues to spiral out of control while the Biden Administration refuses to act.

The massive influx of migrants coming into the United States illegally is not only unsustainable but also seriously endangers women and children, who are especially vulnerable to sex and labor trafficking, and enables the smuggling of deadly drugs like Chinese-made fentanyl into our country.

Even more troubling, there were 169 individuals on the terror watchlist apprehended at the border in the past year alone, compared to zero from the prior year.

Shockingly, detailed information on the vetting and processing procedures of migrants apprehended by Border Patrol—including whether these migrants are released into or removed from the United States—is seriously lacking.

At a congressional hearing I chaired last year, I asked the Biden Administration’s top official tasked with combating human trafficking whether migrants were being screened for trafficking at our southern border. She did not answer my question, and deferring to her colleagues, said ‘certainly it’s the perfect time to be asking the question.’ That is unacceptable.

That is why I strongly supported and voted for the Secure the Border Act of 2023 (HR 2)–comprehensive border security legislation that passed the House last year. I call on the Senate to immediately pass this legislation to address the Biden Administration’s failed border policies and ensuing crisis.

While our Nation continues its longstanding tradition of welcoming those who pursue the proper immigration process in search of a better life for them and their families here in the United States, it is critical that our immigration policies do not jeopardize Americans’ safety.”

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