READ THE PSAK: HaRav Bergman To Speak At Adirei Event During Shiva

HaGaon HaRav Meir Tzvi Bergman, who received the bitter news of his son’s petirah after traveling to the US for the first time in four years, will speak at the Adirei HaTorah event during the week of shiva.

HaRav Bergman’s speech was initially canceled due to dinei aveilus. However, he remained in the US to sit shiva since his doctors felt it would be too taxing for the elderly Rosh Yeshivah to make another long plane trip so soon after landing.

Meanwhile, the Roshei Yeshivos of Lakewood began discussing the issue of whether HaRav Bergman’s appearance at the event would fall under the halachic category of “רבים צריכים לו” – believing that the success of the event may be impinged by the Rosh Yeshivah’s absence.

They brought the shaila to HaGaon HaRav Simcha Bunim Cohen, who debated the issue with HaGaon HaRav Ben-Tzion HaKohen Kook, the Rav of Petach Tikvah and the talmid muvhak of of HaGaon HaRav Elyashiv, z’tl.

Read the p’sak below:

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