READ IT: BMG Roshei Yeshiva Release Letter Condemning Those Trying To Break Lakewood’s Achdus

The roshei yeshiva of Bais Medrash Govoha have issued a letter reaffirming their support for Avi Schnall’s Assembly candidacy, and condemning the individuals who have been trying to get the Lakewood kehilla to vote against Avi.

The letter, signed by Rav Malkiel Kotler shlit”a, Rav Yeruchem Olshin shlit”a, Rav Yisroel Newman shlit”a, and Rav Dovid Schustal shlit”a, makes clear that those who are opposing Avi Schnall’s bid represent only themselves and do not have the kehilla‘s best interests in mind.

A second section of the letter, signed by Rav Dovid Schustal also condemns those who have been recently spreading false rumors about Rav Elya Ber Wachtfogel shlit”a having retracted his endorsement of Avi Schnall’s campaign.

The letter comes just a day before Election Day, in the race where Avi Schnall is seeking to unseat an incumbent, Ned Thomson, to represent New Jersey’s 30th District in the State Assembly.

The Lakewood kehilla has already shown tremendous support for Avi in the election, with 9,139 ballots already cast, compared to the rest of the 30th District, which had 5,411 early votes combined.

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