Rav Gershon Ribner Shlit”a Appointed Rav of Tallymawr Ashkenaz

Rav Gershon Ribner shlit”a, the son-in-law of Rav Shneur Kotler zt”l, and brilliant orator whose unique style and incisive perspectives on an eternally broad range of topics has made him a must-listen for thousands, has been named the new rav of a shul in the Tallymawr neighborhood of Toms River.

An outstanding Torah scholar who has authored brilliant seforim on Shas, Rav Gershon is also a prestigious member of the faculty of Bais Medrash Govoha.

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  1. Toms River not in the hashkafic goals list for Bnai Tairah.
    We hope that this appointment will help make Toms River into a Ir va’Aim for the most Yeshivahsheh candidates.

  2. As of now, Rav Gershon Ribner will only be going there once every 4 weeks. His popular Chumash shiur will continue as usual in BMG the remaining 3 weeks of each month. Down the road this may change.

  3. R Gershon did not move there. For the time being he will be going only every 4th shabbos.
    We should all be zoche to take advantage of having such a gadol baTorah and tremendous talmid chacham in our midst. Rav Ribner is a true Gadol B’yisrael.
    Lets hope the Rav can be Marbitz Torah in the Toms River Community.


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