Rav Avigdor Miller: Why Are There No Square Shapes In Nature?

Q: Why is there no square shape in nature?

A: Why is there no square shape in nature? Why are there no square bananas, no square oranges?

And the answer is that a square is a waste of packaging. The most efficient packaging is round. In the round shape with the smallest amount of peel you can enclose the biggest amount of materials; because when you have to have corners, the corners only have a little space in the corners and you need more surface, more circumference to cover the corners.

So nature’s plan, it means Hakodosh Boruch Hu’s plan, is not to waste. And therefore, He makes it in the most efficient packaging manner, and that’s round. Round is the most economical way of packaging. You need less amount of paper to package a round thing than to package a square thing. Measure it and you’ll see.

TAPE # 443 (January 1983)

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