Rabbanim, Poskim Gather For Kav Halacha Network Summit [PHOTOS]

Dozens of Rabbonim and poskim gathered Sunday night, joined by many more via livestream, to network, gain chizuk and further their yediyos and skills in their avodas hakodesh.

The conference was organized by Kav Halacha Network, a leading resource for shailos and rabbonim.

Harav Shmuel Meir Katz, senior Posek of BMG and one of the veteran rabbonim of our generation, opened with words of chizuk and guidance. He addressed the crowd in his unique style, discussing the approach to difficult shailos and challenges and the role of a rav.

Following Rav Katz’s words, Rav Eli Biegeleisen, a coordinator of Kav Halacha Network, shared some of the options for the tzibbur to ask shailos on the Kav Halacha hotline and the resources and contacts developed exclusively to support rabbonim in dealing with specialized shailos.

The Rav of Sharei Zedek Hospital, Rav Yosef Sprung, was introduced by Rav Shimon Sofer, who thanked him for his tremendous chesed in medical halacha areas. Rav Sprung then spoke to the respected audience, sharing his insight and experience as a rav and insider in a frum hospital, offering practical advice about helping patients and their  families with chizuk and psak.

The hour was getting late, but the mesiras nefesh of the rabbonim was evident as they actively participated in a presentation led by Rav Eliezer Gewirtzman, a well known posek, and Dr. Yisroel Cofsky, an Internist in the community.

Bringing the information needed to be able to guide people, pasken on shailos or be able to recognize when or whom to reach out to for complicated questions was the purpose and achieved.

The discussion touched on a host of topics and shailos that arise including alzheimer’s care, dementia, geriatrics, shabbos and yom tov issues, tznius, nursing homes care, and many other points.

The feedback from those attending in person and those remotely was tremendous and bezras Hashem plans are being made for additional meetings on other topics.

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  1. Didn’t know this organization existed. Thank you!
    I just looked them up and saw they have a 24 hour bais Horaah for shailos. Thats amazing
    I saved their number 7327076666 kavhalacha.org


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