Protesters Show Up at CHEMED Pop-Up Vaccine Site

Several protesters showed up at a vaccine site set up by CHEMED at the park on North Lake Drive and 2nd Street in Lakewood. The anti-vaccine protesters caused the pop-up site to shut down.

CHEMED has been at the forefront of battling the Covid-19 pandemic in Lakewood, offering advice and guidance to Lakewood residents since the early days of the pandemic and becoming the leading provider of Covid-19 vaccines to the community when the shots became widely available last year.

As of April, about 40% of Lakewood residents over the age of 5 were fully vaccinated. Many note, however, that Lakewood has one of the youngest percentage of minors of any midsize U.S. city and that most minors and their parents do not see the need for a healthy child to be vaccinated against Covid-19, which generally produces minor symptoms in children.

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  1. Thank God they’ve dismantled their pop-up site❗
    Absolutely astonishing to me how some parents could be so blinded by the propaganda of big Pharma and government to inject into their children a completely unknown substance that there has never been long-term studies on humans❗ Especially that we know for a fact that over 99% of children will get the virus and completely recover from it ❗ I have no doubt that this organization receives a lot of money from Big Pharma/government!
    They are not doing it out of the goodness of their heart!
    My only question is why weren’t there more parents protesting this abomination in our community❗ There should have been thousands of parents protesting ❗❗

  2. No-one forced anything to shut down.
    This is not Russia.
    Just like these pokers have legal right to setup shop so does anyone else have a right to protest.
    Don’t play victim here.
    YWN propaganda machine at work again.


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