Protecting Ocean County: A Look At The New Consumer Affairs Guide

The Ocean County Department of Consumer Affairs now has a comprehensive guide available for residents that outlines the best ways to protect themselves and loved ones against consumer fraud.

“This guide is a great resource for residents to learn about the many ways they can protect themselves from becoming a victim of consumer fraud,” said Deputy Director of the Ocean County Board of Commissioners Gary Quinn, who serves as liaison to Ocean County Department of Consumer Affairs. “As consumers living in Ocean County, it’s good to know we are all well protected.”

The guide is available at the Ocean County Department of Consumer Affairs main office located at 1027 Hooper Ave., Building 2, Toms River, and its satellite offices at the Ocean County Southern Service Center, 179 South Main St., Manahawkin, and the County Connection located inside the Ocean County Mall, Hooper Avenue, Toms River.

“Education is key to the prevention of Consumer Fraud in the high-tech world we live in,” Ronald Heinzman, the Director of Ocean County Department of Consumer Affairs said. “With over 200,000 senior citizens living in Ocean County, it is critically important we do our best to assist them during their most vulnerable times.”

The guide offers insights into detecting elder fraud, ensuring internet safety, preventing identity theft, managing credit reports and repairs, home contractor protection, and more.

Over the years, the Ocean County Department of Consumer Affairs has established valuable collaborations with state and county law enforcement agencies as well as local police departments, aiding in efforts to combat consumer fraud and enhance consumer protection.

“I commend Consumer Affairs for their dedication and hard work in creating this guide,” said Director of the Ocean County Board of Commissioners Barbara “Bobbi” Jo Crea, liaison to Senior Services. “I strongly encourage residents to pick up a copy today.”

For more information, contact the Ocean County Department of Consumer Affairs at (732) 929-2105.

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