Possibly Insane Bigoted Antisemite Petitioning for Mayoral Run in Trenton

Robin Vaughn, a Trenton councilwoman with a long history of making racist, bigoted and antisemitic statements has taken out petitions to run for mayor against incumbent Reed Gusciora, the NJ Globe reports.

This week, City Council President Kathy McBride, a Vaughn ally, filed a mayoral campaign account with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission.

In 2019, McBride used the term “Jew her down” while discussing the settlement of a lawsuit, unleashing a torrent of criticism from officials including Gov. Phil Murphy, Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver, and Sens. Bob Menendez and Cory Booker, and all 12 members of the New Jersey delegation in the House of Representatives called on her to either apologize or resign.

Vaughn defended McBride, saying “Jew down” was “just a verb.”

In 2020, Vaughn went on a profanity and slur-raced tirade over nonprofits receiving money from Trenton, calling Mayor Gusciora a predator.

Just about all of what Vaughn said during her rant is not publish-worthy, but it certainly brings into question whether the mayor wannabe is mentally stable.


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