Police Warn Of Criminals Using AirTags To Track And Target Local Luxury Vehicles

The Howell Police Department is warning residents that luxury vehicles are being targeted with AirTags and similar tracking devices.
“With the rising trend of motor vehicle thefts in the state, criminal offenders are now entering homes to locate keys/fobs at an alarming rate. Luxury vehicle makes of our local residents are being routinely targeted after they are tracked, commonly by “Air-Tag” style devices, while parked within shopping/dining districts far removed from our area,” the police department said.
“Please be aware of these trends and take precaution to ensure that doors (interior/exterior) providing access to the garage/home remain secured, in addition to where you store the key/fob for your vehicles.
“The thefts have been occurring in the early morning hours (between 2am and 5am) . If you hear or see anything suspicious, please contact 911. Keep in mind that there are multiple organized theft groups (cars thefts /catalytic converters) that are operating on the overnight hours. If you see or hear anything your feel is suspicious please call.”
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