Police Say Catalytic Converter Thieves Are Targeting Local Car Dealerships

The Toms River Police Department has advised that thieves are targeting local car dealerships and stealing catalytic converters over the past few days.

Dealers that have been affected by the ring include:

  • Lester Glenn Mazda (101 Route 37) Reported 2/7/24, occurred sometime between 2/6 – 2/7, in which three catalytic converters, or “cats,” were cut off three 2024 Mazda CX-5’s
  • Lester Glenn Auto lot (639 Clifton Ave) Reported 2/12/24, occurred sometime between 2/5 – 2/12, where cats were cut off three 2024 Chevy Silverado’s
  • Auto Lenders (1518 Route 37) Reported 2/13/24, occurred between 2/12 – 2/13, where 2 cats were cut off a 2019 Chevy Silverado and a 2019 RAM 1500.

Police in nearby towns have reported similar activity, with the Manchester, Beachwood and Pine Beach police department’s all reporting catalytic converter thefts during overnight hours of 2/6 – 2/7.

In all cases, a white Acura TLX was involved, which is suspected in numerous catalytic converter thefts all over the state. Earlier this week, the Roselle police department pursued a white Acura TLX (with a stolen license plate) believed to be the suspect vehicle, which crashed, but somehow still got away.

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