Police Investigating Death Threat Against Jackson Mayor Mike Reina

The Jackson Police Department and Ocean County Prosecutor is investigating a specific individual after he posted a photo of a noose along with the caption “Mike needs a new necklace” on Reina’s campaign website.

No charges have yet been filed, but the individual, identified as Ron Cavanaugh, has been ordered to avoid any contact with Mayor Reina.

“On Friday, October 14, our campaign was made aware of a death threat made against me on social media. An individual identifying themselves as ‘Ron Cavanaugh’ wrote that I need ‘a new necklace’ accompanying a picture of a lynching noose,” Reina said, according to Shore News Network.

“I have been through some tough campaigns in this business, and I’m not one to shy away from a fight, but this is uglier and more personal than I’ve ever seen,” Reina added.

“A threat against me is one thing but coming after my family and supporters is another. For God’s sake, to spit at a woman from a moving car just because you disagree with her choice for Mayor – is just disgusting,” he said, referring to an incident involving a supporter of Reina opponent Marty Flemming.

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