PHOTOS & VIDEO: Fire Engulfs Lakewood Home on Friday Night

A massive blaze broke out at a Jewish home on Lincoln Street in Lakewood late Friday night. The family was away for Yom Tov.

As the Lakewood Fire Dept. and several mutual aid companies battled intense flames, the Special Operations Group of Lakewood EMS set up and provided much-needed refreshments for them.

A family member told Lakewood Alerts that the fire marshal has determined the blaze began from a short circuit inside a refrigerator.


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  1. This news website has no respect to anyone they finally took down a video that I took without permission and sent around to every group I am on, until the family begged to take it off. I then went and harassed 10 people to try and get it done, not because I care about the family at all, but because I was the idiot who took an unauthorized video and got it viral. Don’t expect better from me. I am the only loser ever to get thrown out of Mountaindale.


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