PHOTOS & VIDEO: BMG Roshei Yeshiva Dance With Avi Schnall At Simchas Bais Hashoeiva

The BMG roshei yeshiva danced with Assembly candidate Avi Schnall on Tuesday night at the yeshiva’s annual Simchas Bais Hashoeiva at Bais Aron.

If elected, Schnall would be the first-ever frum Lakewood resident to hold office in the New Jersey State government.

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  1. WRONG …… avi is dancing with them …… big chutzpah to say that rosh yeshivos danced with him . No he went into their circle. They didn’t go to his… is this hos new campaign website

  2. I still haven’t heard a good pshat why this is different than just 2 years ago when they were saying because of Hakaras Hatov we need to vote for the incumbent. If I don’t hear a good pshat, I might just not vote for either misafeik.

    • Perhaps 2 years ago there wasn’t a good candidate running against the incumbent and therefore they decided that the incumbent was the right option. We don’t question daas Torah. They know best!

    • It never was about Hakaras Hatov then, and it isn’t now either. It’s always about what the Agudah/Vaad/Roshei Yeshivos think is best for the community (or if your a cynic, themselves) The Agudah being a 501-c3 non profit, had to hint and use code words for a reason to vote for their preferred candidate. If they wanted the incumbent, they hint using Hakaras Hatov, if want someone new, they’ll find a way to get their message out without violating election law.

  3. I understand the excitement to see Avi dance with the roshai yeshiva. Just curious why so many pictures do we need to see every crease in his suit?

  4. I’m voting for Thompson, a proven advocate for our community.
    While I think Shnall has good intentions the fact that he is a Jew will not help anything in Trenton.


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