PHOTOS: Acting AG Matt Platkin Visits Lakewood Following Antisemitic Attacks

New Jersey’s Acting Attorney General Matt Platkin visited Beth Medrash Govoha, Central Jersey Hatzolah’s headquarters on County Line Road, and other locations in Lakewood on Wednesday following the brutal terror attacks targeting Orthodox Jews in Lakewood and Jackson last Friday.

The Acting AG met with various officials and askanim during his visit, including Police Chief Greg Meyer, Committeemen Meir Lichtenstein and Menashe Miller, Senator Bob Singer, and Moshe Zev Weisberg of the Lakewood Vaad.

During a roundtable discussion, Acting AG Platkin discussed his office’s commitment to ensuring the safety and security of the Lakewood community, and heard firsthand from Lakewood officials regarding the unique needs and threats facing the Orthodox Jewish community.

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