Over 1,000 Women & Girls Attend NewlyReds Grand Event

NewlyReds, an initiative spearheaded by famed Lakewood Shadchan, Meir Levi, to pass a shidduch thought onto experienced shadchamin so they can make it a reality, held their Grand Kickoff event last night at Ateres Reva.

The over 1,000 female attendees in the crowd, heard divrei chizuk from Rav Yonason Shippel.
A live shadchanim panel moderated by the dynamic and entertaining Suri Messinger with Mrs. Bashie Saltzman, Mrs Sora Chana Krupenia, and Mrs. Sabrina Strickman.
An animated shadchanim panel was featured as well with Rabbi’s Meir Levi, Shloimy Lewenstein, and Tzadok Katz.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with most commenting on the very upbeat, fun, positive vibe of the event. A tremendous amount of optimism and excitement to redt more shidduchim was felt by all.

A surprise musical feature song composed by Chana B of The Side Yard Studio was the finishing touch to an incredible evening.

A magnificent amount of prizes were sponsored by Fame, Silvertown, Huvi Halon of Addressing You, Allegra, Raizel Halon of Aesthetic, Studio C, Crafts & Events, Artscroll, Circle Magazine, Mishpacha Magazine, Rivky Kleiman, Entree Steakhouse, Dreamzone by Piccolino, the Green Bowl, Jus by Julie, Pastel Clothing, Slimelight Games Cafe, and one anonymous sponsor of designer watches.

The event was sponsored by Atlantic Site Construction, Miller Creative, Ateres Reva, Glicks Bakehouse, Imperial, Riverside Abstract, The Voice, Mishpacha, The Table, Evergreen, Yehudis Tashman, Time Flies Entertainment.

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