ONLY IN LAKEWOOD: Oops, I Accidentally Stole Your Car. My Bad

A sign hanging in BMG is sure to be popping some eyeballs and blowing some people’s minds.

The notice, written on an index card, reads: “I accidentally took home the wrong Camry from the parking lot on Thursday.” It then lists the license plate number of the vehicle the unwitting avreich took and a phone number to retrieve it.

With the number of Camrys in the BMG parking lots, this was bound to happen at some point, and now it did.

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    • Simple. You come late, don’t have parking, so you block other cars. You wanna be decent so you leave the keys for people to get out….
      Aveira goreres Aveira…

  1. Car keys — as well as house keys — are far from unique. It would be very easy to get into the wrong Camry with your own keys and be able to drive it away. Another argument for using lo-jack since car thieves know this, too.

  2. There isn’t enough parking spots in BMG parking lot, so a lot of people double park and leave their keys in the car.

  3. 讗谞讬 诇讗 诪讘讬谉
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  4. My Camry was smashed in N Woodmere, while I was in Israel.. It looked like a car went into it at 40-60 mph as it was parked . The neighbor came over and said he had “fallen asleep”.

    Now, I’m in Boca with a Subaru.


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