Officials Celebrate Opening of Newark Airport’s Brand-New Terminal A

Numerous officials joined today to celebrate the opening of the new Terminal A, the centerpiece of an airport-wide renaissance designed to establish Newark Liberty International Airport as a world-class gateway for the New Jersey and New York region.

The new terminal represents the largest design-build project in New Jersey history and testifies to Governor Murphy’s ongoing commitment to critical infrastructure and transportation projects that will benefit New Jerseyans for generations to come.

The $2.7 billion terminal, which will replace an outmoded Terminal A that first opened in 1973, features state-of-the-art passenger amenities, dazzling artwork, digital technology and dining and retail options provided by 60 regional, national and global brands, including six retailers from Newark, Elizabeth, and Jersey City. The terminal features approximately 1 million square feet of space and offers 33 gates to handle larger aircraft, as well as a modernized common-use check-in area, security and baggage claim areas expected to efficiently handle an estimated 13.6 million passengers a year. In addition to the new terminal, the $3.3 billion Newark Liberty redevelopment program also includes a $400 million integrated public parking garage with new centralized rental car facilities, and $175 million for south airfield paving.

Terminal A is expected to generate more than $4.6 billion in regional economic activity, create more than 2,500 jobs and provide more than $1.9 billion in wages. As of June 2022, the Terminal A program had awarded 94 sub-contracts to minority and women-owned business enterprises (MWBE) totaling more than $686 million and $213 million for 92 sub-contracts to New Jersey firms.

In addition to the recruitment of certified MWBEs, the Port Authority maintained its commitment to keep the host communities engaged and informed by offering more than 500 events since the introduction of the community outreach offices four years ago.

Programming included resources and training for the local business community, as well as a series of job readiness workshops and job fairs. The EWR redevelopment programs community outreach teams, both in Newark and Elizabeth, have engaged and informed more than 2,100 local businesses offering information on the Terminal A program.

Newark Liberty currently provides jobs for approximately 19,250 people directly employed at the airport. It contributes more than $29.3 billion in annual economic activity to the New York-New Jersey metropolitan region, supporting more than 128,000 total jobs and nearly $10.8 billion in annual wages.

Port Authority partnered with Xovis, a global leader in 3D sensors and software, to equip the new terminal with state-of-the-art technology to meet the passenger needs of the modern era. Xovis sensor technology will be employed at check-in and security, smart restrooms, waypoints, and departure gate doors – all to help reduce wait times, increase overall efficiency of operations, and improve the customer experience.

Inspiring public art will greet passengers as they move through the new terminal, which showcases the work of 29 local artists with unique art installations that support the Port Authority’s vision for a transformative customer experience offering a distinctive New Jersey sense of place. Complementing the comprehensive public art program is an immersive digital journey, created by multimedia studio Moment Factory, that captivates passengers with the Garden State’s renowned landmarks, art, and innovations through a series of permanent large-scale multimedia installations.

In keeping with the Port Authority’s sustainability goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its facilities by 80 percent by 2050, the new terminal features a variety of sustainable design initiatives including integral solar panels on the curbside glass canopy and roof of the integrated parking structure, new electric buses to support shuttle operations, water-efficient fixtures, a “cool roof,” and energy-efficient indoor lighting and controls.

The new terminal also includes many family-friendly amenities to enhance the overall customer experience. Inspired by many of New Jersey’s greats — Thomas Edison, Bruce Springsteen, Carl Lewis, Patrick Ewing — the children’s play areas are also themed by music and arts, science, and sports. In keeping with the beautiful landscapes of New Jersey, the bathrooms are designed with various themes such as the woodland theme of the Garden State, the coastal shores, as well as the metropolitan chic. Terminal A features a variety of seating to accommodate the needs of today’s passengers that are versatile including tandem and soft seating, lounges, benches, and workstations equipped with charging stations in various areas.

The reimagined EWR Terminal A includes a cutting edge, digital media program designed in partnership with Clear Channel Outdoor’s airport division. Locally based New Jersey brands, with global and national recognition, including Audible, Rutgers University and Atlantic Health System, are the first advertisers to enter this new airport media space where they will reach millions of passengers annually leveraging the latest in digital and printed display technology.

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