Ocean County Police Academy Recruit Saves Choking Driver On Route 70

Ramoncito Mauricio, a current recruit in the Ocean County Police Academy’s 115th Basic Class is being hailed as a hero for his swift and life-saving actions during a medical incident on Route 70 in Brick.

Mauricio was a passenger in the vehicle of Thomas Kimball, another police recruit, on Route 70 in Brick last month where they had a mechanical issue with their vehicle and pulled over on the side of the highway to assess the issue. Moments later, a vehicle resembling a Dodge Caravan swerved quickly off the highway behind their disabled vehicle.

As Mauricio went to check on the vehicle after noticing the recklessness, the driver quickly exited and began to approach him seemingly making choking sounds and began to point to his throat which confirmed the driver was indeed choking on what seemed to be food. Mauricio immediately dropped the items in his hands and ran towards the driver while directing him to turn around. Recruit Mauricio used his training and began to render medical aid in the form of the Heimlich Maneuver as Thomas Kimball rushed over as he became aware of the situation.

As Mauricio was administering the Heimlich Maneuver on the driver, Kimball advised him that the obstruction had come out. The Recruits then advised the driver to sit down and catch his breath as he appeared shaken up and his eyes dilated. After a few moments, Mauricio walked the driver back to his car and asked if he needed any further assistance. The driver stated he was okay and would take a few moments to collect himself and then thanked him for providing aid and saving his life.

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