Non-Flushable Wipes Will Have To Be Labeled In New Jersey Under Senate-Approved Bill

In an effort to protect sewer systems against clogs caused by non-flushable wipes the Senate passed legislation today sponsored by Senator Gordon Johnson and Senator Joe Cryan which would set strict labeling requirements for any non-flushable wipes likely to be used in a bathroom.

“I don’t think anyone is maliciously flushing wipes, but the reality is they can create costly blockages for both homeowners and municipalities,” said Senator Johnson. “Many people use disposable wipes in their everyday life, whether for cleaning, removing make-up or caring for a baby, and it is important they are aware of the proper way of disposing of them.”

The bill, S-3632/3649, would require non-flushable disposable wipes to be clearly labeled as such and would prohibit the sale or distribution of these products without stringent “do not flush” labeling.

“We needed to raise public attention to this issue to gain action on ideas like this that had been stagnant,” said Senator Cryan. “This bill merges two ideas that promote proper labelling and proper disposal. These products have been damaging our sewer systems and pose a major environmental issue. Prevention is the key to avoiding the serious problems improper disposals can cause for residents and their water services.”

The bill was released from the Senate by a vote of 34-0.

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