New Drunk Driving Education Campaign Will Target New Jersey Drivers

Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin, New Jersey State Police (NJSP) Superintendent Colonel Patrick J. Callahan, and Division of Highway Traffic Safety (HTS) Director Michael J. Rizol Jr., today introduced a new holiday impaired driving education campaign, a collaborative effort focused on increasing awareness regarding the consequences of impaired driving and the enforcement measures used to ensure safety throughout the state’s roadways.

Funded by HTS, this safety initiative employs a multi-pronged approach, utilizing radio broadcasts and strategically positioned out-of-home advertisements. Its primary mission is to deter impaired driving by illustrating the life-changing legal ramifications of choosing to get behind the wheel while under the effects of drugs or alcohol. These public service announcements will feature the Attorney General and Colonel Callahan, delivering compelling messages designed to discourage impaired driving and encourage responsible decision-making behind the wheel. Public service announcements in Spanish will also be broadcast on streaming audio throughout the state.

“As New Jerseyans prepare for the holiday season, we have a simple but important message: do not drive impaired,” said Attorney General Platkin. “The campaign we are announcing today shows the unmistakable, dangerous, and deadly consequences of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Working together, we can create safer roadways during a time when families and friends come together to celebrate this special time of year.”

The radio campaign launched on November 6 and continues through February 11, maintaining a consistent presence during the holiday season. Simultaneously, billboards will be deployed across key areas from November 27 to January 7, serving as visual reminders of the increased vigilance against impaired driving.

This campaign highlights a particularly dangerous time on the state’s roadways. In 2022, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, 24 people in New Jersey were killed in crashes involving an impaired driver.

“The New Jersey State Police is proud to lead this crucial campaign, working in close coordination with our state partners to combat impaired driving,” said Colonel Patrick J. Callahan, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police. “Through collective action and heightened public awareness, we are resolute in our mission to protect lives and ensure a safe holiday season without preventable traffic tragedies.”

“In this season of hope, this campaign reinforces the importance of responsible driving on our roads,” said Michael J. Rizol Jr., Director of the Division of Highway Traffic Safety. “Through collective action and heightened public awareness, we are determined to protect lives and ensure safe travels for all New Jersey’s road users.”

This campaign amplifies the multifaced and unwavering commitment between NJSP and HTS to road safety and showcases the formidable partnership between law enforcement and the community, emphasizing the pivotal role of New Jerseyans in curbing incidents of impaired driving during the holiday season and always.

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