MUST LISTEN: Illegitimate Hatzolah Organization Dispatchers Fight With Prank Callers

It’s been a rough going recently for Hatzulas Nefashos aka Jackson Jewish Volunteer Ambulance Service. They seemingly get more prank calls than real emergency calls, and they’ve just been condemned by more than 100 Lakewood-area rabbanim.

Below you can listen to a compilation of some of the troubles JJVAS has been going through, with few people taking them seriously – and many children seeing their emergency number as an easy target for prank calls.


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  1. I actually feel bad for these guys, most of them had no idea what they are getting into.
    LKWD is a town that respects its Rabbanim and Organizations.
    That being said these kids gotta be stopped, this is just another example of local kids chutzpah, these are the same kids that have zero regard for any authority.
    I am not to sure what the next step from Hatzolas Nefashos will be, because once they put their number out there they have a responsibility to answer every call.
    This should serve as a great lesson, think deep before you do something stupid and don’t know how to get out of it.

    • am I missing some info that I dont see why we cant have 2 emergency responders? Let people call whoever they want!!
      Why are we so so quick to assume that they started it to fight cuz they weren’t accepted to Hatzalah? Did u ask them? Why can’t we assume they did it to fill a need?? Stop looking to create problems!!! Do you know who their Rabbanim are? Stop jumping to conclusions that are hockish and sound exciting.

      • Or maybe you should do some research yourself before you open your mouth and advertise how stupid you are. As they say light travels faster then sound, which is why some people look bright until they open their mouth.
        If you did not realize that their is a letter signed by over 100 Rebbeim!!!
        So unless you think you know better then them all please keep your trap shut. I would assume you aren’t as intelligent then them based on the fact are typing up this letter and have nothing better to fill your empty time and mind and life or with.

    • The “100 Rabbanim” that sign the letter weren’t even aware their names were on that letter until afterwards so maybe you should do some research before you start commenting

  2. What constitutes a legitimate organization versus illegitimate organization ?
    So long as they follow protocol and are certified in their field, why can’t we have more than one Hatzolah? There need not be monopoly in any given area. Nor should we resort to scare tactics such as getting 100 rabbis too sign against them, or for children to make prank calls.

    • So you think that all 100 Rabbonim are just silly people who are tools in the hands of others? That Rabbonim are irresponsibly using ”scare tactics”? You don’t know what went on behind the scenes before the decision was made by the Gedolim of Lakewood to put out their letter, and neither do I. But I do know that if 100 of the biggest Rabbonim in town made a decision of this magnitude, it was done Al Pi Torah, and no silly commenters online have anything of value to offer in the conversation. Including myself.

      • 100% they are tools in hatzalahs hand. You hit it on the head. Kol Hakovod for actually saying the truth without intending to say the truth.

    • As somebody close to one of the powerful rabbanim that signed, I can tell you that this rav (Can’t talk for the others) did a lot of research before signing his name on the Kol Koreh, he called numerous people who know the field but are not in HCJ or Hatzolas Nefashos to get their take, and by the time he was done he was ready to sign on a much sharper letter then the one that came out.

  3. lol and who says they are an emergencey what they are doing is just as bad also a bunch of kids they need to put away their toys and go to work and let hatzalh do their job both are wrong .

  4. @Ratzy Szimonowitz you clearly don’t chap what’s the issue if u don’t understand what problem with having 2 organizations ask somebody to explain it to u

    But if the robinim came out against them there alot smarter then me and u obvously there’s a issue even if u don’t understand

  5. Yesterday I took your condemnation letter about an organisation I did not know about seriously, and couldn’t believe that prank calls would be forwarded to Hatzalah. This article just changed my mind and makes me think that yesterday‘s article was a political hit piece and nothing more. I even went as far as shaming a person in my neighborhood who is a member of Hatzolas Nefashos berabim that he’s going against das Torah.
    If pranking emergency hotlines is not ok, then across the board it’s not ok.

    • Wow I am sure the rabbanim are running to retract their signatures due to your comment.
      And in regards to your neighbor, feel bad for him, but HN members knew this was coming so…

  6. The fact that they had 150 calls in passed weeks shows us they are legit and people want them., I’m not saying hatzolah has to go but there’s a group of people in this town that are benefiting from them, so let them do they’re thing, regarding rabonim signing half of the rabonims names we’re put there without permission and other half signed a letter In hebrew which was translated to English and words we’re twisted & changed around, so let’s all calm down and let other help people that want them, shalom is the way to go!

    • @Chaim of course they had 150 calls *all this week* from all this kids pranking them…
      If you mean emergency calls, they have not had 150 calls since they opened 2 years ago…
      And to set the record straight, they did *in fact* have emergency calls, from some person who had no idea who they called, and actually thought they were calling Hatzolah and waited 15 minutes for them to show up (facts matter).

      And for those that are saying that they have paramedics, to set the record straight on that, they have 2 licensed paramedics from the state of NY, which are 100% worthless in NJ as paramedics. (And you could imagine why they weren’t accepted into Hatzolah. I doubt they want that info published!!)

      • They actually got over 600 prank calls just this week
        Everyone knows hatzalahs number by heart if someone call HN it wasn’t by mistake
        If you like them or not pranking an emergency hotline is wrong on so many levels
        this fight is purely abt money! Hatzalah is money and power hungry and everyone knows it (doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s an amazing organization )
        I’m not sure which paramedics your referring to but I know that at least 2 of them are certified in NJ
        So before you talk do your research!

  7. Why don’t we just say it as it is:

    This lowlife, who is playing games with lives (using some scam money he made during COVID — CALLING THE FBI PLEASE) who LIVES IN BORO PARK (that’s correct, most of the time he lives in Boro Park), decided that Htzolah wasn’t covering Jackson properly (total lies). So he goes and open an ambulance service to cover Jackson. Then he goes and changes his name, and moves his operation to the center of Lakewood, where there are HUNDREDS of Hatzolah volunteers, with more than 75 Paramedics in a 2 minute response time, proven HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF TIMES in the past 40 years.

    What happens if some ignorant fool calls him for a real life threatening emergency, and he actually needs medics, and every second counts? HE HAS NO MEDICS. PEOPLE WILL DIE.

    He is a rasha and soon to be murderer.

    • @modarater your not moderating your letting ppl spew garbage and these aren’t facts
      i find this very disturbing at this point your acting like tls this is disgusting and biased news website

      • Biased towards the Rabbonim? What’s wrong with that? Every frum publication should be biased towards Daas Torah.

    • You know that he has no medics??
      Y u calling him a Rasha? Would be murder??
      it says “kol hamalbim pnei chaveiro barabim ein lo chelek baolam haba”. Dont talk about him being a rasha!!

    • @modarater i know your going to block me from ever commenting again but take my advice you can get into legal trouble if ppl see these post encouraging a prank call you can be held AS a accessorie to the crime and face legal trouble

    • So it’s ok to tie up the lines from real calls that could cost peoples lives. Thank you for showing what type of person you are.

    • To be pro such a thing is disgusting!! the chuzpah these kids have IS NOT OK!!!!! i dont care who theyre calling it is 100% NOT OK!!!!!!
      For you to cheer them on is 100% WRONG!!!!

  8. I very much dislike the Hatzolas Nefashos organization, but…


    Parents MUST educate their children!! Kids allowed to have fun but not at the expense of others!!

  9. Its not up to little kids to do the Rabonims Bidding.
    They kids are being extremely disrespectful and should be disciplined
    Regardless of what you think about the Organization

  10. To all above commenting regarding the rabbonims letter, are you serious?????????
    Don’t you remember when more than 100 rabbonim signed against smartphones???? Phones with text messages??? Shaitels????? Vacattions???
    Is there 1 rav in the world that believes theses websites are ok???????
    All of a sudden when it fits your agenda your come with rabbonim, and to whom did this letter go from hatzolah directly too?????
    Straight to these social media sites!!!!!!!!!

  11. Why don’t the rabbonim come out with a letter regarding derech eretz kodmah latorah?.
    So if hatzolas nefashos is against Das torah how about focusing all they’re resources on derech eretz?

  12. I truly was against hatzulas nefashos opening in lakewood, but after seeing all this hate and ego directly from hatzolah I support hatzulas nefashos 100 percent and so do alot of my freinds & family, the chaos that hatzolah caused last few weeks are unforgivable, and horrible.

    • It looks like u don’t know what’s realy going on. And why that organization is a problem. do a little research….

      • Why don’t you enlighten us about that organization. All we hear is there are bad but no valid reasons are being given. The only reason that is obvious here is that Hatzalah wants all the power and us not willing to share the profit that they are making. If it was all about saving lives it would have never come to this.

    • Not sure what “Chaos” you are referring to.
      Is it Hatzolas Nefashos forwarding calls to Hatzolah while Hatzolah was dealing with a fatal accident?
      Is it HN showing up to accidents cause they heard it on their scanners and causing confusion and chaos with local authorities?
      Is it HN showing up to a call without the proper meds and equipment, which ended up with a child needing to be transported by Hatzolah with Medics to a hospital?

      Just pls clarify what you mean.

      • The fatal accident that took hatzalah paramedics 8 min to get there, bc they didn’t have any members in the area? Ask hatzalah to publicize the transmission of that call and hear it for yourself. Hatzalah is an amazing organization, it doesn’t mean that they are the only one that needs to be around. There is room for everyone.

    • For those of u who live in in the center of Lakewood I have some bad news for u. Hatzalah, as good and devoted as they are, DO NOT arrive to calls within 2 minutes to the surrounding areas!
      One Friday night I was sitting w a child that was gasping for breath for as long as 17 minutes until Hatzalah showed up! (The child was hospitalized) They told me that they’re really sorry that it took so long but they don’t have too many members covering the new Lakewood (some members weren’t home 4 Shabbos)
      They give a really hard time for new members to sign up (serious bnei torah…)
      So why do they care if another organization covers for them??
      If they think they are lacking some skills offer them some training!!
      If they’re would be no ego involved, all of this wouldn’t b happening…
      As for the letter- unfortunately it’s hard to believe letters in today’s day and age (or maturity and honesty)
      Most of the time when rabanim have something to say, especially on such crucial matters, they have a way to address their ppl in public…

      • Find it very hard to believe!
        I moved out to a new area in Jackson with another 10-12 families, and HCJ reached out to one of the guys within a month of us moving there asking him to join because they want to make sure they have proper coverage.
        Yes, Lakewood is kn”h growing by leaps and bounds with many new areas in surrounding towns, but HCJ is on their game making sure everyone has proper coverage. Giving these clowns credibility is dangerous and will sadly have tragic outcomes.

  13. Forget the 2 organizations for a minute.
    What is wrong with these kids??
    Who raised them?????
    It’s not their place to do this. It’s not their business.
    It’s a total lack of human decency.

  14. The fact that people are commenting that HN doesn’t train their members properly when they have the same instructor as hatzalah is just so comical
    Whatever fits your agenda am I right?

  15. you dont just except who you want its not normal still no reason foreveryone to be against this guy just leave him alone coming from boro park were no one cares about halachos as much as kratsers from bmg besides who gave the rabbanim the right to do whatever htey want and jumb to conclusions of course its crazy no body even gave the guy a chance who sais hes acctually that bad where did this whole scandal come from come on be open minded from2 yeshiva bochurim? i can iunderstand why some rabbanom dont want competiotion when it comes to lives or guys doing it just for cherry lights and coolness you have to really mean saving lives by the way how does he have all these vehicles did anybody donate or did hego completely bank robbed


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