Murphy Blasted for Lavish Taxpayer Funded Spending on Personal Offices

Senator Ed Durr issued the following statement after it was revealed that Governor Phil Murphy spent more than $500,000 on furnishings for the newly renovated Governor’s Office in the State House, including $217,000 for three rugs in his office and an office used by First Lady Tammy Murphy

“I understand the State House is a historic building, but did the Murphy administration really have to spend nearly a quarter-million dollars on antique rugs?

“It sends the wrong message to taxpayers for Governor Murphy to spend lavishly on decorating his office while he’s simultaneously proposing to slash State aid to schools and towns across New Jersey.

“While the governor enjoys his opulent furnishings, teachers are being fired, students are falling further behind, and property tax bills are rising. It may look good in his office, but it’s not a good look for Governor Murphy.”

Others joined Durr in condemning the governor.

“Murphy is living large off the taxpayers’ dime and it’s not right. Lavish furniture for areas of the Statehouse that are private is unconscionable. It is clear no expense was spared to suit the stylings of millionaires,” said Assemblyman Antwan McClellan. “Other administrations paid for their personal desks in the statehouse and fancy renovations, so I don’t see how these purchases can be justified.”

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