Message to Women: Leave a Tichel in Your Drawer

If you’re a Jewish woman in the Lakewood area, do you make sure to leave a tichel in your drawer? You should. That’s the message distributed in last week’s The Lakewood Weekly, a print publication sent to many Lakewood homes.

A space was apparently bought in the paper by an anonymous individual or group urging women to leave a tichel in their drawer in order to be always at the ready for the arrival of Moshiach.

“Dear Yiddishe Women,” the ad begins. “Please keep a tichel in your drawer so that when Moshiach comes it is available to be Mekabel Moshiach with it. (Please speak to your daas Torah for details).”

The ad said that the message is l’iluy nishmas R’ Yitzchok ben R’ Shlomo, “a baal yisurim who did not have children and was niftar in the middle of learning.”


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