Mayor Mo Hill Congratulates Geri Ambrosio On Receiving The Endorsement Of The Toms River Jewish Community Council (TRJCC)

The leaders of the Toms River Jewish Community Council (TRJCC) have endorsed former Ocean County Tax Board Commissioner Geri Ambrosio for Mayor in the upcoming Republican primary. Incumbent Mayor Maurice B. “Mo” Hill, Jr. congratulates Ambrosio on receiving the group’s endorsement and pledges to make his case for reelection directly to all potential voters in the primary, regardless of any special interest endorsements.

TRJCC leaders have been pressuring members of the Orthodox Jewish community to cast their ballots for Ambrosio in WhatsApp groups with copies of the primary ballot with all of the Column A Republican candidates except Hill highlighted in yellow. Ambrosio’s name is the sole candidate in Column B highlighted in the WhatsApp posts.

“My opponents, including Ms. Ambrosio, have been using the growth of the Orthodox Jewish community to divide Toms River for years,” Mayor Hill said. “These candidates have been exploiting our fears and frustrations in a cynical and dishonest attempt to win elections. If they succeed, the disastrous result would be the loss of control of our building code and zoning laws, either to the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) or to the agenda of the special interests.

“Throughout my first term as mayor I have endeavored to treat all Toms River residents equally and to address any concerns and requests within the boundaries of the law and the best interests of the entire town. As we got closer to the election the demands of certain TRJCC leaders have gotten increasingly aggressive and unreasonable. There have been demands to amend our zoning that attempt to circumvent environmental protections under the Coastal Area Facility Review Act (CAFRA).

“Additionally, there have been unreasonable demands made by TRJCC leadership regarding building permits and code violations. Finally, TRJCC leaders have threatened the jobs of Township employees who did not cede to their demands and have asked that those employees be terminated.

“I don’t know what Ms. Ambrosio and her allies have promised to get the TRJCC endorsement. I do know what I will not do to get it,” Hill concluded.

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