Manchester Police Warn of Numerous “Grandparent” Scams

Manchester Police say they have recently had numerous “Grandparent Scam” incidents in their jurisdiction. This scam occurs when a caller contacts an elderly victim and advises that their grandchild was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident, arrested, and requires money for bail. The caller will then advise the victim on how much money is required to post bail for the grandchild and will coordinate a transfer of the money; either in person, through a postal service, or through a wire transfer.

“Unfortunately, we have had cases where the victims completed the transaction and did not realize it was a scam until afterwards. In other cases we have prevented the transaction/meet up from ever occurring due to our involvement or have arrested the currier,” police said.

If you get a call from someone claiming to be a law enforcement officer, an attorney, or other persons demanding money and/or gift cards and threatening arrest, it’s a SCAM.

Never agree to meet up, complete any transaction, or provide any personal information without first verifying that your relative is truly in need of assistance. The best way to do this is to HANG UP THE PHONE and contact the relative and/or their families and friends.

You can also contact the police department where they live to conduct a well-fare check. Please tell your loved ones about this scam so they do not become the next victim.

At NO TIME will any members of the Manchester Township Police Department or any other agency contact you requesting money and/or gift cards.

If you believe that you are a victim of a scam, please contact police at 732-657-6111 or come down to our police headquarters to file a report. For more information on scams, please visit:

Here are some tips to stay safe from scammers:
• Residents are advised never to send money to an unknown source, no matter how promising the supposed potential reward. Be cautious when meeting new people through online social networks and websites.
• Never give out any personal information, including bank account, credit card or Social Security numbers to any institution unless you have initiated the phone call to them and you are certain you are speaking with an authorized representative.
• Callers claiming that your personal computer has a virus and requesting remote access to your desktop—often asking for payment upwards of $100 for the service—is a fraud.
• Seniors should beware of scams in which an individual calls and claims to be a grandchild in need of immediate monetary assistance. These scammers will claim to be a grandchild in need of money for bail or another emergency situation and ask for a wire funds transfer.

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